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Course Duration, Location & Price:

1 day
This class has been designed by international educator Rebecca Orme and was specifically designed for the Tech who wants to speed up their maintenance appointments and take the pressure off their hands and joints.

Suitable For:
Anyone qualified in acrylic or gel enhancements who wish to speed up their application time.



Course Outline:

More recently the industry has grown and moved on….E-Filing became part of the NVQ units in college courses and by this time Rebecca had become more interested in E-Filing as salons were starting to use them again.

The class is designed to speed up your treatment times, so if you are struggling with your timings, and making less money over hour that you should be, this is the class for you.

Course Content:

  • Everything you need to know about E-File equipment, including the handpiece
  • Drill Bits: Carbide vs Diamond
  • What drill bit to use when
  • Maintenance of Liquid and Powder or UV Gel enhancements
  • Rebalance/ Backfil of Pink and White enhancements
  • Finish filing and buffing to a shine
  • Removing Lifting
  • How to use an E-File safely in your business
  • Gaining the confidence of your clients

Entry Requirement:

  • An E-File and drill bits – Click here to see our range
  • To bring your L&P and/or UV Gel products and kit (hard gel) for re-application after filing
  • A model with grown out nail enhancements – at least 2 weeks growth and a grown out smile line to rebalance on the day. (Please note your model may not get a complete service finished by the end of the day)
Course Dates: 
As this is a specialised course - please contact the college for course dates. 

What will I receive when I complete the course?
Once you have passed your course, you will receive a Diploma accredited certificate, which enables you to gain insurance and start offering this treatment to your clients.

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