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  • By Kelly Callow
  • 02 Oct, 2015
By Kelly Callow 08 May, 2017
Are you interested in a career in the beauty industry but don't know where to start?

This blog will give you an insight in to the difference between our short courses and NVQs.  

´╗┐Mobile therapist

If you are looking for a flexible career that you can fit around life's obstacles, then being a self employed therapist may be the profession for you! Not only can working hours be arranged around your schedule, but you are you own boss- all profit that is made is yours.  In order for you to carry out treatments on paying clients you will require to hold a diploma certificate in each treatment that you offer.  Here at ULearn College we run over 35 short diploma courses ranging from 1 day- 3 days in length. Once you have successfully passed your course you will receive a diploma certificate in that chosen treatment area. This will allow you to gain insurance for the treatments you provide for your client base. 

You can later upgrade any diploma certificate to a NVQ unit through yourself for £175

Salon Spa/Hotel/Cruise Ship Employee

A job in a Salon, Hotel or Cruise ship can be extremely rewarding.  As a therapist you will deal with a wide rage of clients including regulars and drop ins, no day is ever the same when working in a fast moving salon.  To secure yourself a job in a salon, you will need an NVQ level 2 as a minimum (Some salons do request their staff have level 3).  Here at ULearn College we offer our students the chance to study NVQ's in Beauty Therapy, Nail Technology and Massage. We also give all diploma certificate holders that chance to upgrade individual units to NVQ level for a small fee. 

Our NVQ's run on a flexible basis, you as a student decide how quickly (or slowly) you wish to complete the qualification and can also be paid for in up to 4 instalments- giving you the chance to start earning from your treatments as you learn!

Still unsure of what path is best for you?  Call us on 02921 111357 and one of our course advisors will be happy to help!
By Kelly Callow 23 Mar, 2017
Throughout my teenage years I always had a passion for make up. Me and my friends would all get together on weekends and play around with different eyeshadows and lipsticks trying to recreate the latest vogue cover looks- not all were very successful! The older I grew the more I wanted to turn this passion into a career. I started my beauty NVQ when I was 16 years old, I was so excited at the thought of supporting myself in life by doing something that I adored to do! I trained for two years and covered level 2 and 3 in beauty therapy. The first few weeks of my course came as a shock to me. I didn't realise how much information I needed to learn in order to complete each individual beauty treatment. I remember coming how from college one day and saying to my mother "Did you know that we have 27 bones in our hands". I put in the hours and work that were needed in order to complete my NVQ's and it all paid off when I started my job at Mi:skin Beauty.

I love my job! It not only offers me the chance to do spa treatments but it also allows me to carry out the salon treatments, which allows me to create my loyal client base. I never have two days at work the same, I always see different people wanting different treatments and results, I can never imagine my job becoming boring.

I admit that my job isn't all fun. I still have the daily grind off sweeping the floor, cleaning the wax pot and the dreaded stock take- but these things are all important, after all there is nothing worse that having to tell your client you have run out of products!

The best part of my job is making people feel confident about themselves. Seeing clients leave with a huge smile on their faces is amazing. I take pride in my work.

My favourite treatment is makeovers, I especially like wedding make up. Being a brides make up artist is such a big responsibility, the client is trusting you with the biggest day of her life. Seeing the brides face light up when she looks in the mirror makes all the training, cleaning and stock take worth while.

Lauren x                                                                            

By Kelly Callow 01 Dec, 2015
Due to the interest in our Black Friday offer we are bringing you a 'Cyber Monday' deal - 33% off ALL courses, NVQS & bundles! It is available until Thursday 3rd December at 5pm (only 50 places available)
Please click on any of the images below to enquire or call 02921 111357
By Kelly Callow 02 Oct, 2015
By Kelly Callow 02 Oct, 2015
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