Nail sculpting

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Nail Sculpting

Course Duration, Location & Price:

1 day
Sculpting is one of the preferred methods of applying nails for most nail technicians as it can completely transform the nail shape, making the end result look even more beautiful and enhancing

Suitable For:
Anyone qualified in acrylic or gel enhancements who wishes to speed up their application time.



Course Outline:

Once mastered, sculpting the nail can be more cost effective and quicker, with the argument that there are fewer potential risks to damaging the natural nail. It is a skill which you will never forget and can be used on the most perfect nail plate to the worse bitten nails.

Course Content:

  • Natural nail preparation
  • Form application (no tips)
  • Product application
  • Finishing techniques
  • Aftercare
  • Pricing and marketing for your new treatment

Entry Requirement:

  • To bring your current acrylics or gel kits.  Every nail tech is used to their own products so this allows you to get the most out of your training
  • Qualification in nail enhancements
Course Dates:

As this is a specialised course - please contact the college for course dates.
What will I receive when I complete the course?

Once you have passed your course, you will receive a Diploma accredited certificate, which enables you to gain insurance and start offering this treatment to your clients.

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