Organising and Chairing Meetings

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Organising and Chairing Meetings

Course Duration, Location & Price:

Course Duration:
1 day 

Course Dates:
Can be arranged to suit individual needs, please call us on 02921 111357 to arrange convenient dates

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Course Aims:

The aim of this unit is to give learners the knowledge and understanding to organise and chair meetings within the workplace. Meetings are held at all levels throughout an organisation and are key to the companies communication policy.

Course Content:

Develop an understanding of the roles and responsiblities necessary to chair meetings so that the objectives of the meeting can be achieved
Practise the skills required to prepare, manage and control a meeting
Build on skills such as listening, time management and organisation

Course Outcomes:

By the end of the course, learners should know how to organise meetings, understand the roles and responsibilities of the Chair, Secretary and attendees, be able to chair a meeting, and be able to review own meeting skills.


Level 3 WorkSkills Credit value: 1   

This Unit forms part of the Edexcel WorkSkills Award and has particular links with:

Career Development
Presentation Skills
Personal Skills For Leadership
Giving and Receiving Feedback
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