Understanding Social Media

Social Media Workshop in Cardiff | Ulearn College

Understanding Social Media Workshop

Course Duration, Location & Price:

Course Duration:
1/2 a day

Course Dates:
Date 1 3rd February 2016


Course Aims:

The aim of this unit is to give learners the knowledge and understanding needed to use social media in their business.

Course Content:

  • Why social media is growing and you need to pay attention
  • Buyer psychology
  • Understanding each social media platform
  • Is paid advertising on social media worth it?
  • Simplify the content creation process
  • No time for social media ? – get results from just 15min a day
Course Outcomes:
From this session attendees will have a greater understanding on the relevance and importance (or not) of using social media in their business. They will have a greater understanding of buyer/customer needs and the way people now progress through a buying process. Attendees will leave with a greater sense of focus on what and where they should spend their time on social media.

Qualification & Progression:

You will receive a workshop certificate after completing the course. Further to this course, you may go on to complete our Linkedin workshop. 
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